Kindy Info Pack 2012

 Below are a collection of documents and brochures that featured in the parent brochure that was handed out at the 2012 Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting.

  1. Welcome to Forest Crescent Primary School (Click Here)
  2. Ten Top Tips for Great Start to School (Click Here)
  3. Say Hello to Learning (Click Here)
  4. Learning Begins At Home (Click Here)
  5. Kindergarten to Year 3 Wrting & Spelling (Click Here)
  6. Kindergarten to Year 3 Numeracy (Click Here)
  7. Kindergarten to Year 3 Literacy (Click Here)
  8. When I Am 3, 4, 5 Years Old (Click Here)
  9. Child Development 4-5 Years (Click Here)
  10. Before School Literacy & Numeracy (Click Here)





Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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