Remembrance Day Poster Competition

The students at Forest Crescent Primary school were invited by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to design a poster for Remembrance Day.   The students in Room 26 had previously enjoyed taking part in a writing competition run by the City of Gosnells and were keen to become involved.  The topic of Remembrance Day became part of a four week “Studies of  Society and Environment” program that resulted in the production of our beautiful posters.

First of all we discussed and shared our experiences of Remembrance Day.  The students discussed the wearing of poppies and were given information on the history of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.  Together we read and discussed the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.  Some children recalled that the Senior Choir had sung the poem at the last Remembrance Day ceremony held at the school.

We talked about the poem and how it showed the different feelings that the soldier had felt during the war.  In groups the children brainstormed words that described how the soldiers might have felt and what they might have seen.  They then sorted the words into positive and negative thoughts and feelings.

The children used the Wordle application on-line to create their Remembrance Day Wordles.  They had to type a list of words into a box and click ‘create’.  The application then produced a design that could be then manipulated in terms of font and colour.  We chose “ghostly” colour scheme to represent the fact that some memories are strong and some are faded.

We also applied this concept to the poppies that decorate the Wordles.  The children used watercolour pencils to create ‘faded’ poppies.  They then applied further colour using ordinary coloured pencils to create brighter coloured poppies.

We mounted the posters and displayed them in the classroom.  We then used voting slips to find our five competition entries.

I was very impressed with the thought and care that the children put into the activitiy and very proud of the results.

Jane Rankine



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Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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