Parent Numeracy Workshop for Children

Supporting Your Child With Learning Mathematics-Free Maths Workshops

We use maths every day. Young children learn maths through daily activities such as cooking, shopping, gardening and through play.

You can help your children build their confidence and develop strong maths skills by including fun and easy activities into their daily routines. Support from you at home can often make the difference between children enjoying maths at school or being scared of it.

Our Numeracy Specialist, Jo Hart, will be running a series of workshops for all Kindy to year 6 parents in term 3. We invite you to come and discover many activities and fun ideas which help children develop their maths skills at home. Participants will receive a selection of games and activities in a range of languages to take home and enjoy with their families.

Wednesdays 9am-10.30am in the Forest Crescent Staff Room

  • 29th July: Counting and Calculating: How do children learn to count and to use numbers to add, subtract, multiply and divide?
  • 5th August: Mental Calculat ions: How do children learn to calculate mentally? There are many ways to get the same answer.
  • 12th August: Patterns become Algebra : How do children learn to represent patterns and develop these ideas into algebra?

Book your free workshop by phoning reception on 94936922

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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