Rm6 Money Smart Assembly

The Year Ones of Room 6 have been busy looking at money this semester. The students were engaged in looking at the Australian coins. They looked at their coins’ shapes, sizes, colours and values. They looked at the features of each coin and the changing faces of the 50c and $1. The class were then able to place the coins in value order, counting on by 5’s and 10’s and then were doing addition and subtraction using money problems. The children also looked at exchanging coins for the comparable amount with other coins and had a class bank book going where students were rewarded with money amounts and were able to purchase prizes whenever they reached their money target.

The above video is available for download (FLV-54MB) requiring a password to access that privilege. Password provided to families of Room 6. The audio clip of Room 6’s song (MP3-2.8MB) is also available for download with appropriate password.

Video and Audio Downloads

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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