Be WaterWise-The Water Bus Is Coming-Vote For Us

Forest Crescent PS has proudly been a Waterwise School for 13 years. The National Water Week theme for 2016 was ‘Water, Life, Growth’ and once again our students enjoyed a variety of activities related to the conservation of this precious resource.

Our year one students created maps showing the different uses of water in our school. A water audit was conducted by students in our year 3 /4 class and they are currently analysing their results to present to the principal and our sustainability committee. Other classes were involved in activities including analysing water poems and creating fridge magnets with waterwise messages.

The week culminated with the students in one of our year 3 classes performed an engaging item at the school assembly titled ‘The Water Bus’ where they investigated several ways of teaching waterwise messages to the public. It’s always such a great week on our school’s calendar!

Click on the link below to go to the Water Authority website to view the video and don’t forget to vote. Thank you.

Vote For Our Entry

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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