Zoo Excursion 2016

The Year 4’s  spent a day at the Perth Zoo and on their return the students of Room 20 spent some time constructing their zoo enclosures. Using their imaginations they worked either individually or as pairs to decide what would make a suitable enclosure for their animal of choice. Below is an example of some of their results.

Katie & Olivia

After the zoo Olivia and I decided to do a gibbon’s enclosure. We used the following materials- string, tyres, cardboard rolls, fake plants, popsticks, gibbons, card, sand, PVA glue, paint, pictures, sticky tape, and a shoe box.

First we put PVA glue all over the floor and sprinkled the sand on. Then we put in the blue card, placed pictures on it and stuck some string to the cardboard roll and hung it up. We cut out triangles, wrote gibbons on them and then stuck on the string. It looks great.

Minnah & Shelby

After the zoo visit we decided to make an enclosure. We got to choose any enclosure to make, so we decided to make a sun bear enclosure. To make our own sun bear enclosure we used, popsticks, plastic containers, pool covering, cardboard rolls, green and purple paper, rocks and sand, plastic sun bear, paint, milk bottle lids, plastic fish, polystyrene tubes and a shoe box. To make the trees we got cardboard rolls and taped scrunch up green paper on top. To make the small pond we used pool covering, cut it into a pond shape and put rocks around it. To make the cave we cut a semi-circle in the bottom of the container, which we painted black, then put rocks around it. The tunnel was made from a cardboard roll cut in half whilst the hammock was cut from purple paper and stuck between two trees. The food bowl was constructed from a milk bottle lid and painted it green.

Rajzhan & Ethan

After the zoo we worked on our zoo enclosure. We used the following materials; coloured paper, popsticks, a toy crocodile, a toy figurine, rocks, plasticine, coloured glue, plastic, foil and bluetac. We glued green and blue paper on the box and made trees. We put the brick in and placed the figurine on the brick, then we added the crocodile. We then added four rocks and plastic and outlined the water with blue glue. Then we put in the sun, glued on signs and bushes.


Lucy & Abby

After attending the zoo we decided to make the gibbon’s enclosure. We used plasticine, cardboard, sand, sticks, string and a calendar picture. First we used glue on the bottom of the shoebox then placed the sand and sticks in. Second we used sticky tape to hold up the string. Third we used plasticine to model the gibbons. Finally we cut out a picture from the calendar and stuck it on the background then we used the cardboard to make a sign. It looks fantastic.




After our attendance at the zoo I made a gibbon enclosure. I used clay, popsticks, cardboard, string, dirt and rocks. First I stuck down the popsticks and covered them over with dirt so you couldn’t see the sticky tape. I strung string from one popstick to the other. I stuck part of a cardboard roll to some string to make the tyre. I made a gibbon out of clay and stuck it to the tyre. That’s how I made my enclosure.

Aiden & Cooper

After our attendance at the zoo we decided to make a cobra enclosure. The materials that we used to create this masterpiece were rocks, pebbles, cardboard rolls, gladwrap, paper, shoebox, plasticine, grass, container, cellophane, sticky tape and glue. We painted our enclosure a faint orange then went over it in red. We made the cobra out of different colours of plasticine. We made rats out of plasticine as well. We used green cellophane to put on top of our cardboard rolls to make trees. We put a coating of glue at the bottom of our box and then put on our grass. We scattered pebbles in the grass. We used the plastic container as a drinking pool and blue cellophane as water. Finally we used paper to make the cobra sign and the food pipe.


After the zoo excursion our class worked on making enclosures. I made a snake enclosure. I made it by myself. I used tyres, hay, plasticine, toy trees and paper. I used hay for land and I used plasticine for snakes. I am really proud of my enclosure. It looks amazing.

Erik & Stanley

After the zoo we made a zebra and giraffe enclosure using sand, grass, rocks, pebbles, popsticks, two zebra figurines and a giraffe figurines, hay, sticks, and a little branch with leaves. It was awesome. It took three days to make the zebra and giraffe enclosure. We also painted the background


Chloe & Ella

We made it one week after the zoo. We liked the look of the monkey enclosure, so we decided to make a monkey enclosure with lots of different types of monkeys. We made it with a bunch of different materials which include, rubber bands, plastic bridges, trees, plants, plastic monkeys, a cage, water box, paint for the background, cut out paper for the monkeys.

We painted the background blue, brown and green, stuck things down with blutac. We cut up green rubber bands and tied them up for vines. We made an awesome enclosure.


After our zoo excursion I started a turtle enclosure by put down some sand, then placed some blue paper, and then some rocks down. Then I put some wood down, cut a egg carton in half and glued green paper on. I made a paper turtle and glued some pictures of turtles at the back.


Zac & Ethan

After we came back from our excursion our class chose partners to make our favourite enclosure. We were thinking about making a ghost bat enclosure. The materials we used were six rocks, a big ball of plasticine, two long pieces of string, lots of popsticks for rails with dirt on top of the glue to create the ground. We painted the sides and then the back. We used red cellophane for the glass, so it looks like the nocturnal house and we stuck it on with sticky tape and we labelled it “Ghost Bat Enclosure”.


Tahlia & Jasmine

After attending the zoo we made a tiger enclosure. We painted the tigers’ floor, added sand and grass. We also added two tigers, a tree, light, a water fall, a lake and some bushes. We are very proud of our enclosure.




Jayden & Ryan

After the zoo we made an African elephant and giraffe enclosure. We decided that we would use natural resources such as grass, rocks, sticks and leaves. We used a cardboard roll, string, and a tyre to make a toy for the animals and we used sticky tape to fasten most things. We painted the box to make it look like night time, pretend food for them to eat and a pond for bathing and drinking.

Allira & Zahra

After we went to the zoo we decided to make a tiger enclosure by using cardboard rolls, lots of rocks, grass clippings, pool covering, hay, green, red and blue paper, clay, tissue paper and a tiger figurine.




I made the ghost bat enclosure and used two plants, one big rock, twenty-three small rocks, a paper picture of a ghost bat and a blue shoe box. We painted black and brown in the box and added paper spiders, grass and dirt.

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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