Mass Choir Festival 2017

It was a most enjoyable experience at the new venue of the Perth Concert Hall. The acoustics were excellent and the feedback from parents was very positive, being that the seating was comfortable and they had a great view of the choral group. It was a fantastic experience for our students to perform at a highly professional venue. The students behaviour was outstanding. The students and Ms Rebekah Smith, the music specialist, are to be acknowledged for their hard work and efforts in learning and teaching of all the eleven songs and accompanying actions as it formed the bulk of the choir rehearsals in Term 2 and Term 3.

Congratulations to Kanon N for her superlative solo rendition, “Carpet of Silver”, which was a commissioned work. She did herself and the school proud.

Photo Gallery

Photos were restricted at the actual performance, these few photos taken of the rehearsal before the performance.

Conductor Mirrelle Hopwood plays flute for “Lachlan Tigers” with Forest Crescent Primary Choir in background

Forest Crescent Primary School introduced to the audience

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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