MDDA Dress Blue Day

The Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association (MDDA), a national self-help group, was founded in 1996 by parents to support other families and individuals affected by Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEMs) which are rare
genetic disorders.

The MDDA supports and represents families and individuals affected by a genetic Inborn Error of  Metabolism whereby treatment involves a medically controlled diet. Kaitlyn G in Year 4 has the condition PKU which means her ability to break down proteins from foods is greatly reduced. Kaitlyn has to avoid most high protein foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, eggs and legumes. She has to drink a special supplement to provide her with all the essential vitamins and minerals she needs. On October 25th, Kaitlyn will be raising money for the MDDA by selling Zooper Dooper icypoles for $1 each after school in the undercover area. Please support Kaitlyn in her endeavour to raise some money for the MDDA by buying a Zooper Dooper on October 25th!

October the 25th is also “Dress in Blue Day”, please come to school dressed in blue for PKU and give a gold coin donation to the MDDA!




Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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