Chess Club 2017

The Chess Club was an initiative of Mrs Czerniawski and started in 2015. Students who had an interest in chess were invited to participate at lunchtimes in the library. The chess club has about twenty members and anybody is welcome from any age group. The school has organised tournaments between the students and just recently Forest Crescent Primary competed against Excelsior Primary School. In Term 3 the inaugural tournament was held at Excelsior and then in Term 4 Forest Crescent Primary returned the favour hosting the inter school chess club competition. The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we think the principals of both schools enjoyed it more than the students. We hope to continue to play other schools and Excelsior in 2018.

Mrs Czerniawski also runs other clubs on the Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes. They encompass such areas as jewelry making, wood work, crafting and other chill out activities. They are held in the Year Two area and usually are attracting about thirty students or more, from Year 2 to Year 6.


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Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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