Graduation Ceremony 2017

Graduation Awards

Below are images of our 2017 Graduation Ceremony award winners.

Well done to these worthy recipients for their pursuit of excellence in their awarded field of learning.

Please note, that the Year 6 students were instructed to bring in a USB to store the following awards photos and graduation night photos for their own personal mementos. As such the award winners haven’t had any links emailed out. If you are an award recipient and didn’t download your photo then you can obtain it at the start of the 2018 school year.


Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary-2017 DUX Award

presented by Mr Andy Holmes (Forest Crescent Primary Principal) and awarded to Aden.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary Medallion of Excellence Award

 presented by Mr Andy Holmes and awarded to Seth.

Year 6 Citizenship Award (Marie Wooton Award)

“In recognition of a Year Six student who has displayed citizenship qualities and has been a model student”

presented by Mr Ron Mitchell (Gosnells City Councillor) and awarded to Taine.

Year 6 Community Values Award (donated by Mr Chris Tallentire MLA)

“For a person who consistently displays exceptional community value; is considerate to the needs of others, above their own need; displays exemplary conduct in a range of situations; consistently takes responsibility for their actions, even in face of peer pressure to do the opposite”

presented by Mr Chris Tallentire MLA and awarded to Joshua.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary-Southern Districts Rotary Award (donated by Southern Districts Rotary Club) 

“Based on the principles of the Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business relationships”

presented by Mr Mike Raspa and awarded to Hena.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary- Ashraf Parker Values Award (donated by Mrs Ashraf Parkar) 

presented by Ms Sue Vapor and awarded to Aparna.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary-Thornlie Senior Highschool Academic Scholarship Award

presented by Mrs Donna McDonald (Principal Thornlie Senior Highschool) and awarded to  Jazper.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary MATHEMATICS Award

presented by Mrs Jacqui Davies and awarded to Aden.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary ENGLISH Award 

presented by Ms Jayde Blackburn and awarded to Aden.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary TECHNOLOGY Award 

presented by Mrs Jacqui Davies and awarded to Charlotte.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary HASS Award (donated by Mr Matt Keogh MP)

presented by Miss Sue Vapor and awarded to Amy.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary SCIENCE Award (donated by Scitech & Woodside)

“Woodside and Scitech seek to recognise, reward and support science in the community by providing a greater awareness of the critical role science plays in today’s society.

The recipients of these Awards have shown a curiosity about the world around them and a desire to experiment and investigate.

They have used the scientific process to problem solve and extend their knowledge. But above all, they have demonstrated consistent passion and enthusiasm for science throughout the year.”

presented by Mr Brad Combes (Deputy Principal Forest Crescent PS) and awarded to Seth & Kaitlyn.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary MUSIC Award 

presented by Mrs Rebekah Smith (Music Specialist) and awarded to Kanon.


Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary LOTE Award 

presented by Mrs Sandy Anderson (Deputy Principal Forest Crescent PS) and awarded to Aparna

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary ART Award 

presented by Mrs Rebekah Smith (on behalf of Mrs Jo Portman- Art Specialist Forest Crescent PS) and awarded to Jayde.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary Kids4Kids Award 

presented by Ms Sue Vapor (on behalf of Mr Karl O’Callaghan) and awarded to Hena.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary BK Sport Medallion Award (part award sports pack donated by JETTS Fitness)

presented by Miss Jessica Sandhu (Deputy Principal Forest Crescent PS) and awarded to Shaun

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary Sportsmanship Award (sports pack donated by JETTS Fitness)

presented by Miss Jessica Sandhu (Deputy Principal Forest Crescent PS) and awarded to Lachlan & Bianca.

Year 6 Forest Crescent Primary Endeavour Award (donated by Mrs Debbie Kinsella)

presented by Mrs Debbie Kinsella and awarded to Levi.

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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