Instrumental Program 2018

The SIMS instrumental program commences in Week 2 (Tuesday 6th February-Brass; Thursday 8th February-Guitar & Friday 9th Flute & Clarinet).

For the Year 6’s it is business as usual with their books and instruments, however, the Year 5 students need to have the Loan Agreement (sent home Friday 2nd February) filled out and make payment at the front office prior to the loan of any instruments, unless they are purchasing their own instrument.

The timetable for the Year 5 students will run as listed, however, the Week 2 session is only to hand out information booklets, allocating instruments and to find out who is hiring an instrument.

Guitar Instrumental

Teacher: Mr Joe Bonini

Class times

Every Thursday in the After School Care Room

9:45am-10:15am (Group One, Year 6)

10:15am-10:45am (Group Two, Year 5)

Guitars need to be purchased and are not available for loan. Mr Joe Bonini will provide information for beginning guitarists who are looking for guidance in what guitar to purchase.

Year 5 Students: Jack B, Misha O, Riley C, Georgia D, Bridie H

Year 6 Students: Bilal L, Brandon F, Nishok N, Sean E, Jack O

Brass Instrumental

Teacher: Ms Sarah Johnson

Class times

Every Tuesday in the After School Care Room

12:15-12:45pm (Group One, Year 6)

12:45pm-1:15pm (Group Two, Year 5)

**We will alternate term about for the times of these students due to the lessons running through their lunch time.

Year 5 Students: Hayley M, Amy R, Caylee F, Kashish K, Meadow F

Year 6 Students: Jaun Y, Jayden A, Liam K, Shelby M, Aiden T

Flute & Clarinet Instrumental

Teacher: Mrs Kaye Ihms

Class times

Every Friday in the Year One Block

8:45-9:15am (Year 5 Flute)

9:15-9:45am (Year 5 Clarinet)

9:45-10:15am (Year 6 Flute)

10:15-10:45am (Year 6 Clarinet)

Year 5 Students Flute: Lily T, Ariahna W, Xiao L, Olivia P, Alana B,

Year 5 Students Clarinet: Naomi J, Charlotte S, Minjae K, Milla S, Hairry K

Year 6 Students Flute: Minnah J, Emily N, Jorja K,

Year 6 Students Clarinet: Abby T, Parker M, Deppika P, Zac A, Tiarni P


If you have any concerns with payments or general issues pertaining to the 2018 Instrumental program then feel free to ring me.



Mr Brad Combes

Deputy Principal and Instrumental Music Coordinator

9493 6922

Author: B.Combes, Deputy Principal

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