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Instrumental Music Program 2017

Instrumental Music Program 2017

Students have been assessed against the School of Instrumental Music (SIMS) Test. The first round of offers were issued on 28th November. If required, the second round of offers will be sent out Wednesday 7th December in Week 9, Term 4. The details of the parent meeting held by SIMS are on the attached PDF document (see link below). All students and parents have been urged to consider their application in the SIMS music program in regards to expectations and dependent on the student satisfying the following criteria (set by SIMS and Forest Crescent Primary School) set below.



  • Students who apply for selection into instrumental music should generally achieve a score of 22 or more on the Music Aptitude Indicator or its equivalent on another musical aptitude test.
  • The student is committing to a government primary school in Year 6 and a strong possibility of continuing their education in a government highschool.
  • The student is able to handle the demands of the normal Year 5 school academic program and not have their normal school achievement levels decline through taking onboard this extracurricular program.
  • The student realises that the instrumental program can be very rewarding though the learning path will be hard; learning to read music notation and the added complexity the playing of an instrument.
  • Note that students will receive tuition for 30-40 minutes per week (within normal class time), attend school band practice for 60 minutes per fortnight (times to be advised) as well as practice at home for a number of days per week. Your instrumental teachers are very supportive, but will expect students to attend to practice at home in order to continue to progress. If extra practice at home is required then the student will be expected to apply themselves to meet their learning goals.
  • Before accepting a place in the program, careful consideration should be given by both students and their parents to the commitment required to learn instrumental music, particularly in the event of a clash with other interests such as sport, ballet, PEAC classes. Overcommitment in a number of activities making competing demands on student time is a big factor in student drop-out from instrumental music in the first two to three years.
  • Have an attitude of perseverance, focus and commitment. It is frustrating for both SIMS and the school to have a student sign up for the program and then part way through Year 5 they end up leaving the program. This means that another Year 5 student was denied a place in the program at the start of 2017.
  • Realise that there is an instrument hire fee for Year 5 students, who are selected for the program, of $110 for the year. Only guitar students will be expected to purchase their guitar for the start of the 2017 program. All Year 5 students will be expected to purchase their instrument, whether that is a second-hand or brand new purchase, for the continuation of their Year 6 instrumental program in 2018. All parents must be willing to purchase the required instrument at the start of the Year 6 program.
  • Students who provide their own instruments are not required to pay the instrument charge.
  • Maintenance and repairs to privately owned instruments must also be organised privately.
  • If a student is learning from a private teacher they may not learn the same instrument from a Department Teacher. This is to avoid conflicts of interest in teaching methodology.
  • Parents or guardians of selected students are asked to enter into an agreement with the school. They are required to complete a loan agreement form in which they indicate their acceptance of responsibility for the instrument their child is using.  This agreement is retained by the school. It is recommended that parents consider insurance cover for the instrument while it is allocated to their child.
    • RiskCover will not cover Department of Education instruments (owned and on loan to schools) travelling to and from school, whilst at private residences or left at school outside of required use by the school.
    • RiskCover will cover Department of Education instruments (Owned and on loan to schools) whilst at school (for school use) and on tour, nationally and internationally.
  • Note that the music grades awarded by the Forest Crescent music teacher and school class performance maybe taken into consideration when deciding the final selection of students.

Parents are urged not to purchase instruments (guitars and other instruments) until final selection is confirmed in writing. Instrumental teachers can also advise on what brand of instrument is the preferred choice. Any issues, feel free to ring me at school.


Mr Brad Combes

Deputy Principal and School Coordinator SIMS program.

28th November 2016

For general information about the Department’s Instrumental Scheme and its operation,you can access the School of Instrumental Music Website (Click Here)

Parent Information Meeting Venues & Times (Click Here); Expression of Interest Letters (Click Here); Learning A Musical Instrument Brochure (Click Here)

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