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Uniform Shop & School Banking

Download 2017 School Uniform Order Form

(Updated 3rd March 2017)

A school’s dress code can play an important role in promoting a positive image of the school and creating a sense of identity.  There are many reasons to introduce a code of dress for students (eg student safety can be improved because they can be identified more readily and generally, the cost of uniform items is less than alternative clothing) however, it is up to individual School Councils to determine what is appropriate for that school’s circumstances.

This school has a proud reputation when it comes to the wearing of school uniform and our School Council acknowledges the importance of having a School Dress.  This code makes clear the intent of the School Council that students attending Forest Crescent Primary School wear the correct school uniform for reasons of student health and safety.


  • School Education Act 1999, sections 128(d), 140(d) and 123
  • School Education Regulations2000, Regulations 33 to 36
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 1996
  • Equal Opportunity Act 1984

Uniform Shop Open Times, in Block 5-see school map under Information Tab (8:45am-9:45am, Wednesday every fortnight see FCPS CALENDAR)

See FCPS Calendar to see what days that the Uniform Shop will be open.

Please remember the Uniform shop is run by parents ( from the P&C ) on a voluntary basis and is now located in Block 5 (Year 3/4).

Order forms can be obtained from the office or downloaded from the school website.

The current school uniform was decided upon by the P&C and endorsed by the School Council. The current School Uniform is as follows:

Uniforms – BOYS

  • Light blue polo shirt with emblem*
  • Burgundy shorts or (optional) long legged burgundy shorts*
  • Burgundy windcheater/zip jacket*
  • Burgundy track pants*
  • Burgundy cargo pants*
  • Suitable footwear (enclosed shoes, sneakers or sandals).
  • Sunsafe Hat (Wide Brimmed or Legionnaires)*

Uniforms – GIRLS

  • Burgundy, blue & white check dress, A-line style*
  • Burgundy dress shorts or skort*
  • Burgundy knee length pleated skirt *
  • Light blue polo shirt with emblem*
  • Burgundy windcheater/zip jacket *
  • Burgundy track pants*
  • Burgundy cargo pants*
  • Burgundy jazz pants*
  • Suitable footwear (enclosed shoes, sneakers or sandals).
  • Sunsafe Hat (Wide Brimmed or Legionnaires)*

Sport – Boys /Girls

  • Faction coloured polo-shirt *
  • Burgundy shorts *(Boys)    Burgundy sports skirt/skort * (Girls)
  • White socks, suitable footwear
  • Tracksuit (winter) *
  • Sunsafe Hat (Wide Brimmed or Legionnaires)*

*Items sold through the School’s P & C Uniform Shop

Please Note

  • A rugby jumper is also available for boys, girls and teachers to wear.
  • Denim is not to be worn at school



School Banking in the Medical Room, Open Times (8:15am-8:45am on every Wednesday). See FCPS Calendar to view days for banking.