Code of Conduct

Forest Crescent Primary School Board – Code of Conduct

Board’s Values

All members of the board will strive to be confident, honest, respectful, caring, friendly and courteous.

In all our operations and relationships we will be guided by the five core values of our school:

  • Endeavour to achieve one’s potential through a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
  • Be self-respecting and develop a unique sense of personal meaning and identity.
  • Demonstrate respect, concern and acceptance of others, their rights and property.
  • Be socially and civically responsible.
  • Be environmentally aware and responsible.


Personal behaviour – We will:

  • act ethically and with integrity;
  • act according to the legislative requirements, policies and ethical codes that apply;
  • make decisions fairly, impartially and promptly, considering all available information, legislation, policies and procedures;
  • treat members of the public and colleagues with respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness, and have proper regard for their interests rights, safety and welfare;
  • not harass, bully or discriminate against colleagues, members of the public and employees;
  • contribute to a harmonious, safe and productive work environment by our work habits, and professional workplace relationships.

Communication and official information – We will:

  • not disclose official information or documents acquired through our role, other than as required by law or where proper authorisation is given;
  • not misuse official information for personal or commercial gain for self or another;
  • adhere to legal requirements and policies,
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information as it pertains to individuals.

Fraudulent and corrupt behaviour – We will:

  • not engage in fraud or corruption;
  • report any fraudulent or corrupt behaviour;
  • report any breaches of the code of conduct; and

Conflicts of interest – We will:

  • ensure personal or financial interests do not conflict with our ability to perform official duties in an impartial manner;
  • manage and declare any conflict between personal and public duty; and
  • where conflicts of interest do arise, ensure they are managed in the public interest.

We commit

  • to taking responsibility for reporting improper conduct or misconduct which has been, or may be occurring in the workplace. The details will be reported to the relevant people or agency; and
  • to taking responsibility for contributing in a constructive and positive way to enhance good governance and the reputation of the board.

Public Sector Requirements

We are committed to upholding the principles in the Code of Ethics. The Board accepts the minimum requirements set out in the Conduct Guide for Boards and Committees. This code of conduct builds on these minimum requirements.