Forest Crescent Primary – an Independent Public School

2018 is continuing to be a very exciting year for our school as we enter our thirty first year of operation.

Our enrolments continue to be strong, starting the year with approximately 733 students.

Forest Crescent Primary School is an Independent Public School, operating within the Government System, sitting in the locality of Forest Lakes, Thornlie.  The school is a large primary school and is part of a strong community which is supportive of its strategic directions. Our vision of “Success for All” is consistent with our belief that “In Learning We Grow” and builds upon student, staff and parent learning as we move forward as a collective.

There is a changing demographic within our local area and the staff value the diversity of our students and the inclusive practices employed within the school.

As a school, we have high expectations of our students and staff and this is supported by our school community which takes pride in “their” school.  We are driven to do the best we can for our students;  socially, emotionally and academically and we have embraced Kids Matter as a School Community, ensuring that students, staff and parents are supported.

Our Specialist Programs (Music, Visual Arts, LOTE and Physical Education) have been highly successful over a number of years and help to define the overall educational experience students receive by attending Forest Crescent.

Early intervention has been one of the key focus areas of our school for many years, with school based benchmarks and effective relationships with parents.

I trust that you will enjoy browsing through our Web Site which has been designed to be more user friendly and provide parents with up-to-date information about the school and its operations.


At Forest Crescent PS we have a distinctive learning environment providing quality teaching and equitable opportunities for all students to achieve.

We provide support and opportunities for all students to realise their full potential, become lifelong learners, embed resilience and social and emotional skills, to promote positive relationships with the community with a global perspective.

Our Staff values inclusivity, diversity and promotes student success through a wide range of opportunities that enable every child to reach their academic potential and be a good world citizen.

Mr Andrew Holmes (Principal)