Where Learning Fosters Social & Ecological Responsibility

Forest Crescent Primary School students checking the ecology of the lake

Forest Crescent Primary is working towards becoming a more sustainable school by embedding sustainability programs and actions within the daily running of our school. We want to be reflective about our successes and set goals for further improvement with our staff & students making a positive impact in the world in which we live environmentally, socially, culturally & economically.

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Our Vision

The school community (staff, students and parents) will:

  1. develop a greater understanding of sustainability and how it encompasses environmental, social, emotional, cultural and economic issues.
  2. demonstrate a commitment to the development and implementation of sustainable practices

Initial Startup

In 2010  Forest Crescent PS joined the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI) with the aim of setting up processes and programs to increase its social handprint and decrease its ecological footprint.

For the last eight years the school has been a “Waterwise” school and in 2011 it received accreditation as part of the “Waste Wise” Schools program.

In 2011 we saw the establishment of year level sustainability projects which saw all  students  involved in a diverse range of  social and environmental experiences throughout their time at our school.

Other achievements in 2011 have been the initiation of the  zero-waste lunchbox challenges held twice a term, whole school participation in Harmony Day, Water Week and National Recycling Week activities, incursions from the Worm Shed, Water Corporation and Department of Environment and Conservation (Ribbons of Blue) and the establishment of several recycling projects. The school has also experienced cost benefits from the installation of a water tank and solar panels and more efficient light system through a National Solar Schools Grant in 2010-2011. (Click on FCPS Solar Panel Power Generation button to see power generated)

Achievements for 2011

  • Each year level to commit to and develop a sustainability  project from the AuSSI Social Handprint or Ecological Footprint  –  ACHIEVED
  • Consolidation of  existing sustainability projects such as Waterwise Schools Program, social programs and Transport and Air – ACHIEVED
  • Whole school participation in selected sustainability activities such as National Water Week, Harmony Day, Good Sammy Donation Drive, Daffodil Day Stall (against cancer), Anglicare Christmas Drive, Operation Christmas Child, Walk to School Day, and Cycle to School Day  – ACHIEVED
  • To set up processes for recycling projects (paper, batteries, aluminium ring pulls, mobile phones ) – ACHIEVED

In 2012, Forest Crescent further consolidated programs and processes which work towards increasing our social handprint and decreasing our ecological footprint, as part of the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI).  Year level sustainability projects were maintained, providing students with a diverse range of social and environmental experiences from K through to year 7. There has been whole school participation in special events such as Good Sammy Donation Drive, National Water Week, Environment Week and National Recycling Week. 2012 saw the establishment of the student Green Team, two worm farms, environmental certificates and the use of yellow-lid recycling bins. Outside expertise has been accessed for incursions and staff development including Cleanaway,  Department of Environment and Conservation, SERCUL, Water Corporation, Good Sammy Industries and Waste Wise Schools Program. There has been whole school participation in special events such as Good Sammy Donation Drive, National Water Week, Environment Week and National Recycling Week.

Achievements for 2012

Continuation of 2011 programs in addition to;

  • Form a student environmental team with representation from all year levels:
    • Successfully implemented. 1 Green Team student for each year 1 to 7 class. All have badges. Green Team responsibilities include: emptying paper recycling bins, worm farms, promoting events/messages in their class, attending 3 meetings per term, speaking at assemblies (optional) – ACHIEVED
  • Continue with existing sustainability programs:
    • Sustainability projects maintained. Some equipment and resources purchased to support – ACHIEVED
  • Whole school incursion from Cleanaway on recycling in term 1. Year 4 classes to take on responsibility for introducing yellow lid recycling bins:
    • Cleanaway excursion organised for year 4 classes only. They took on board the responsibility of implementing the introduction of yellow-lid recycling bins with posters on bins, monitors at recess and lunch, messages at assemblies – ACHIEVED
  • Set up two worm farms and establish systems to operate them:
    • two worm farms operating. Run by student Green Team (Monday). Room 30 (Wednesday) and room 12 (Friday). Worm whiz produced. Used on school gardens and sold to wider community – ACHIEVED
  • Year level to write a short action plan for their sustainability project, indicating the expected outcomes and benefits for students – IN PROGRESS

Achievement Targets for 2013

Continuation of 2011 & 2012 programs in addition to;

  • Continue with year level sustainability projects with the expectation that teachers will create an action plan which shows cross curricula links and expected outcomes and benefits for students
  • Support the Kids Matter program and other programs related to student well being ( PATHS, Rainbows, buddy classes …)
  • Encouragement of students to report on their sustainability projects at assemblies and in the school newsletter
  • Continue to promote whole school involvement in special events (National Water Week, Harmony Day, zero-waste lunchbox challenges, National Recycling Week…) through PA messages, library and front office displays, posters, newsletters, Pencil Points, staff meetings and school website