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Welcome to Forest Crescent Primary School’s newsletter page. Our newsletters keep you up-to-date with our latest news, excursions, events and awards with a section for community notices attached. We will, on occasions,  also provide links to attachments that have gone out with the newsletter for that week. This page and links are also available on mobile devices and tablets.

Our school newsletter is published fortnightly on the even weeks of term (ie weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) and is available by clicking on the links below.  Families will be notified by email when the latest newsletter is published.  If you are not receiving such an email, please contact the school. 

Download the Newsletter Competition Form Term 1

2017 Newsletters Term 1

Week 2-7th February Newsletter

Week 2 Newsletter Attachments

Week 4-21st February Newsletter

Week 6-7th March Newsletter

Week 8-21st March Newsletter

Week 10-4th April Newsletter

Archived 2016 Newsletters (Viewable for a short time)

Week 2-18th October Newsletter

Week 4-2nd November Newsletter

Week 6-15th November Newsletter

Week 8-29th November Newsletter

Week 10- 13th December Newsletter

Week 2- 26th July Newsletter

Week 4- 9th August Newsletter

Week 6- 23rd August Newsletter

Week 8- 6th September Newsletter

Week 10- 20th September Newsletter

Week 2- 4th May Newsletter

Week 4- 17th May Newsletter

Week 6- 31st May Newsletter

Week 8- 14th June Newsletter

Week 10- 28th June Newsletter

Week 2- 9th February Newsletter

Week 4- 23rd February Newsletter

Week 6- 8th March Newsletter

Week 8- 22nd March Newsletter

Week 10- 5th April Newsletter